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Rules for players and admins
1. Rules for admins:
1.1. You are not allowed to use cheats. WH, AIM, SpeedHack, NoFlash, NoSmoke, NoRecoil, RadarHack, Lambert, Autowall, AutoShoot, ESP, SpinHack, KzHack etc. Punishment: Ban (permanently).
1.2. Before banning a cheater, you must be sure that he cheats, don't always listen to other peoples or cheater reports. But remember, there are professionals too who use sound, radar, prefire, etc.
1.3. -
1.4. If someone abuses bought admin, you can ONLY kick him.
1.5. If player spams (Tells everyone to go to other servers/websites) or is trying to sell something for real money, you can ban him. (Permanent ban; Reason – abuse)
1.6. If player is AFK for more than 1 round, you can kick him.
1.7. If player is abusing other players, you can kick him. If player is abusing WOS project/servers or main admins, you can ban him.
1.8. How to change map:
1.8.1. Type: AMX_WHO And search for other admins; if you're not the only admin, talk to other admins if they want to change map, if you're the only one online, Type:
1.8.2. AMX_VOTE, wait for the vote to end:
1.8.3. Then type AMX_VOTEMAP map1 map2 map3 (You can see list of all maps by typing "listmaps" in console)
1.9. You can use AMX_SLAP/AMX_SLAY commands only if player is somewhere out of map, where other players can't reach him or he's not doing the maps mission.
1.10. -
1.11. You can't slap/slay/kick/ban user who has bought something from /shop , only if the user has broken those rules.
1.12. You're allowed to use all /shop bonuses at any time and anywhere.
1.13. You can't slap/slay/kick/ban players with no reason.
1.14. If after kick/ban/slap/slay player complains at forum with evidences, like demo/screen and demo/screen proves that admin did ban/kick/slap/slay with no reason, then the admin access is removed. Access will be removed after 3 complaints received in short time period
1.15. If you won't follow these rules, your admin/vip status will be removed with no chance of getting money back as well as you will be banned from WOS servers.
1.17 Admin can't threaten/abuse other players. If ther will be 5 screenshots with proof about groundless threats – acc will be removed.
1.18. Administrators are not allowed to make their own rules.
1.19. All bans must have reasons, mentioned in the rules, otherwise the ban counts as unreasonable.
2. Player rules:
2.1. It is prohibited to use cheats of any kind. Monitoring is not allowed as well. Punishment: Ban (permanently); Reason – WH/AIM/SH/etc.
2.2. It is prohibited to swear at administration or abuse WOS servers. Punishment: Ban (permanently); reason – server abuse.
2.2.1 It is prohibited to swear at other players or their family members. Punishment: Kick.
2.3. It is prohibited to advertise other servers, web pages, etc. Punishment: Ban (permanently); reason – spam
2.4. It is prohibited to "flood" - identical text, that is written more than one time . Punishment: Kick.
2.5. It is prohibited to sell anything (Steam account, stuff, etc). Punishment: Ban (permanently); reason – sell
2.6. It is prohibited to lie to administration/players. Punishment: Kick for the first time, after that you get 240 minutes ban; reason – lie
2.7. What is not prohibited, it is allowed.
2.8. If you won't follow these rules, you'll be permanently banned from all WOS servers.
2.9. It is prohibited to use server/map bugs. Punishment: Kick (1 time) after that/Ban (500 minutes); reason – bug
2.10. It is prohibited to use retry/reconnect in zombie MOD when you're alive. Punishment: Ban (500 minutes); reason – retry or rr
2.11. It is prohibited to play in team (ZM + CT). Punishment: Slay ZM (1 time)/Kick ZM (1 time)/Ban ZM (240 minutes); reason - team
2.12. Bhop script is allowed.
2.13. You're allowed to use all /shop bonuses at any time and anywhere.
2.14. It is prohibited to use abusing nicknames. Punishment: Kick
2.15. It is prohibited to provoke other players/admins. Punishment: Kick
2.16. It is prohibited to place lasermines in places where you can't avoid them(Jump over, go through or go under it). Punishment: Slay
3. BaseBuilder server rules:
3.1. It is prohibited to make base at CT spawn. Punishment: Kick(1 time)/Ban(500 minutes); reason - CTbase
3.2. It is prohibited to block zombie spawn. Kick(1 time)/Ban(240 minutes); reason – ZMspawn
3.3. It is prohibited to destroy other player bases. Punishment: Kick (1 time)/Ban (500 minutes); reason - destroy
3.4. It is prohibited to go in to other player base without base owners premission. Punishment: Kick.
3.5. It is prohibited to make base so zombie is moving really slow when entering it. Punishment: Kick.
3.6. It is prohibited to make bases without entrance/exit. Punishment: Kick.
3.7. It is prohibited to not perform zombie mission. Punishment: Kick.
3.8. It is prohibited to use server/map bugs. Punishment: Ban (permanently); reason - bug
3.9. Zombies are not allowed to be outside zombie spawn until build/preparing time ends. Punishment: Slay (3 times)/Kick.
3.10. It is prohibited to do retry at the end of the round. Punishment: Ban (240 minutes); reason – retry or rr
3.11. Zombies are not allowed to block CT base. Punishment: Kick.
3.12. There can only be 2 people in 1 base. Punishment: Kick players until 2 peoples remain in the base.
4. Kreedz & HideAndSeek servers rules:
4.1. It is prohibited to use KzHack, xHack etc. Punishment: Ban (permanently); reason – cheats
4.2. It is prohibited to use CJ/LJ/STRAFE and other scripts . Punishment: Ban (permanently); reason – strafe script/ cj script/etc.
5. Knife server rules:
5.1. It is prohibited to specially block other players. Punishment: Slay (1 time)/Kick (1 time) /Ban (240 minutes)
5.2. It is prohibited to intentionally stand on the bridge with back to the opponent. Punishment: Slay (1 time)/Kick (1 time) / Ban (240 minutes)
5.3. It is prohibited to use any knife scripts, knifebots, knife cfg's. Punishment: Ban (permamently); reason - cheats
5.4. It is prohibited to go to places where it's hard to climb(Places where you need more than 1 person to climb to). Punishment: Slay(1 time)/ Kick
5.5. It is prohibited to stab in the back of player. Punishment: Slay (1 time)/Kick
6. Deathrun servera noteikumi:
6.1. Allowed to give other players free run.
6.2. It is prohibited to retry/reconnect/kill if you're T. Punishment: Ban (500 minutes); reason – retry
6.3. Admin (if he's T) is prohibited to slap/slay CT players, only if player is AFK.
7. JailBreak noteikumi
7.1. Aizliegts sargam nogalināt cietumnieku nepamatoti (FK = Free Kill). Punishment: Ban 60min
7.2. Aizliegts sargam nepildīt misiju. Punishment: Ban 60min.
7.3. Aizliegts cietumniekiem speciāli dot ieročus. Punishment: Ban 60min.
7.4. Aizliegts sargam palīdzēt cietumniekiem. Punishment: Ban 60min.
7.5. Aizliegts ieiet sargu komandā (CT) ja nav mikrafona un/vai nezin kā vadī spēli. Punishment: Kick.
7.6. Aizliegts nepamatoti traucēt spēli atverot kameras, u.c. Punishment: Ban 60min.
7.7. Aizliegts palīzet spēlētājiem ja esi miris. Punishment: Ban 60min.
7.8. Aizliegts nepamatoti ievainot cietumnieku. Punishment: Kick.
7.9. Saimona komandas ir jābūt skaidri sadzirdamas Latviešu/Krievu/Angļu valodās. Punishment: Kick.
7.10. Dueļu laikā aizliegts traucēt dalībniekiem. Punishment: Kick.
7.11. Aizliegts likt vienu un to pašu dienu divas reizes pēc kārtas. Punishment: Kick.
7.12. FD = Free Day laikā sargiem (CT) nedrīkst iziet no GR = GunRoom. Punishment: Slay.
7.13. Aizliegts traucēt caur mikrofonu vadīt spēli saimonam. Punishment: 1 Kick. Next Ban 60min.
### Sargiem
* Sargam "Saimonam" ir jādot jebkādas komandas cietumniekiem, ar teikumu:
"Saimons saka: ...... 3,2,1,0"
Daudzpunktu vietā Saimona uzdevums cietumniekiem.
* Sargiem ir japalīdz Saimonam un jāskatās lai cietumnieki klausās Saimonu.
- Ja neklausās, Kill.
- Ja uzbrūk, Kill.
### Cietumniekiem
* Cietumniekam ir jāseko Saimona norādem. (Pretējā gadijumā Jūs nogalinās).
* Jāpilda konkrētas dienas noteikumi.
8. Volleyball noteikumu
8.1. Aizliegts speciāli mest bumbu autos. Punishment: 1 Kick. Next Ban 60min.

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